What is neuGRID?

neuGRID is a web portal aimed to:a

  1. help neuroscientists do high-throughput imaging research
  2. provide clinical neurologists automated diagnostic imaging (and non-imaging) markers of neurodegenerative diseases for single case analysis and individual patient characterization.

The neuGRID user-friendly environment is customised to a range of users from students to senior neuroscientists working in the fields of Alzheimer’s disease, psychiatric diseases, and white matter diseases.

New imaging technologies significantly affect diagnostic and prognostic accuracy and facilitate progress towards the cure of brain diseases, in particular Alzheimer’s Disease. However, the impact of these new technologies largely depends on the speed and reliability with which the imaging data can be visualized, analyzed and interpreted. Thanks to distributed services and computational resources, analyses with neuGRID are incomparably faster than traditional-style lab-based analyses.